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Rinborn Machinery Co., RMC Foundry, with its official company name Qingdao Rinborn Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in 1999 by our founding team based in Qingdao, Shangdong, China. We have now grown to become one of the finest metal casting and precision machining companies specializing in lost wax investment casting, sand casting, shell mold casting, lost foam casting, vacuum casting and CNC machining.


With our fully organized facilities and rich experience in engineering, manufacturing and quality control, we utilize the new advanced technologies which help us produce complex, high precision, near-net or net shape castings of a diverse range of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

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  • Silica Sol Binder In Investment Casting
    Silica Sol Binder In Investment Casting
    The choice of silica sol coating will directly affect the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of investment castings. Silica sol coatings generally can directly sel...
  • Centrifugal Impeller Pump
    Centrifugal Impeller Pump
    A pump is a mechanical device that conveys or pressurizes a fluid. It transfers the original mechanical energy or other external energy to the liquid to increase the liqui...
  • Chills for Metal Casting
    Chills for Metal Casting
    Chill is the chilled material placed inside the cavity, the surface of the cavity and the inside of the mold in order to speed up the local cooling rate of the casting. Th...
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